What is electroplating?

Electroplating is the process of depositing a metal coating such as gold, chrome or cadmium onto another surface to enhance its finish, or protect against wear or corrosion. This process is usually carried out in a purpose built tank.

What can you electroplate?

Literally almost anything, within reason and suitable size. Please contact us if you have a special requirement.

Do you electroplate jewellery?

No. It is Ultrachrome's policy to provide only first class products appropriate for their application. Certain types of jewellery replated with metals such as gold can occasionally be prone to wear and over-plating intricate items like watches may not always produce a suitable result.

I have a very large item that needs to be electroplated, can you do it?

We have the facilities and capability to electroplate large items, but do not offer dimensional specifications on what we can electroplate, as the suitability of each item is different.

If you have a large item or number of items that need to be electroplated, please contact us.

We are an industrial company / supplier with an urgent large scale requirement, can you help us?

Ultrachrome has a very large production capacity and is capable of fulfilling sizeable orders at a fast turnaround. Please contact us with your requirements.

I have (x) item, how much will it cost to chrome / gold / silver plate it?

Each job is different and the cost depends on the individual item.

We will need to inspect and assess the condition of an item in person before offering an estimate or quote and in some instances will advise not to electroplate certain items if we feel they are not suitable.

I’m considering having a vintage car bumper / other part chrome plated, but have heard that buying a replacement part from overseas is cheaper. Is it worth replacing the part, rather than electroplating it?

If the original part is in serviceable condition or can be repaired, properly restoring it guarantees to provide the best finish and a genuine part that properly fits your car. Many new replacement parts made for vintage vehicles have been known not to fit correctly.

Do you provide estimates or quotes over telephone or email?

No. Due to the technicality of the processes involved in electroplating, the only way we can properly appraise the condition and suitability of an item and provide an accurate estimate or quote is to see the item in person.

Verbal descriptions and / or photographs are not sufficient. Please contact us to arrange a free consultation at our premises.

So you offer cadmium electroplating. I thought cadmium wasn't available in Australia?

No, cadmium is available and the manufacture and supply of cadmium plated products within Australia is perfectly legal.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misapprehensions about the availability of cadmium plating in Australia. Some of the confusion may lie in the fact that air freighting cadmium plated products from overseas is not allowed, as cadmium is classified as a dangerous good.

Isn't cadmium plating being phased out? Don’t zinc-nickel and other special alloys provide a safer, more suitable alternative to cadmium?

Due to the environmental toxicity of cadmium, it is imperative that cadmium plated products are handled and disposed of with due care. However zinc-nickel and other cadmium substitutes do not provide a direct replacement.

Most cadmium alternatives won’t meet the necessary corrosion criteria required in many industrial applications and in the long term, cadmium plated components will always outperform non-cadmium substitutes.

What is your environmental policy?

We constantly monitor our own activities to eliminate pollution and operate in full compliance with our licensing requirements with the WA Environmental Protection Authority and Water Corporation.

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