We can plate nearly anything

A lot of the electroplating work we carry out is for car, boat and motorcycle parts and industrial components.

However we are able to plate almost anything, including ornaments, home fittings and much more. In fact, in our years of business, there is very little we haven't electroplated!

Whatever your requirements are, our qualified staff are on hand to answer any queries you have. As an Ultrachrome customer, you can be guaranteed of honest, expert advice and superior quality workmanship.

Triple Plating - for the very best finish possible

To provide the highest durability and finest quality finish, we offer triple plating for many electroplating jobs, particularly for chrome and silver.

Our triple plating process involves three separate plating procedures; a copper base plate is added for better conductivity, which is then plated with nickel sulphamate for corrosion prevention and plated with bright nickel to add lustre before the final finish.

This unique triple plating process ensures the strongest possible seal between all of the metallic surfaces.

Triple plating is especially effective for re-chroming boat fittings, as it provides extreme corrosion resistance in the saltwater environment, normally outlasting new chrome plated fittings.

Cadmium Plating

Cadmium is renowned for its excellent corrosion resistance and is used in a wide number of industrial applications and a few domestic applications, such as parts for vintage cars and motorcycles.

Ultrachrome has cadmium plated industrial components for high end users in the oil and gas industry, such as Woodside and Conoco Phillips. The quality of Ultrachrome's workmanship has always exceeded the stringent specification requirements of these companies.

Chrome Plating

Chrome plating is used in a vast number of applications, for preventing corrosion as well as creating a stylish finished look.

There is a 5 stage process to chrome plating:

  • Stage 1
    The item to be plated is checked thoroughly for any imperfections or the presence of foreign substances.
  • Stage 2
    The item is cleaned and degreased to remove any particles, dirt or residue, then if necessary, repaired.
  • Stage 3
    A series of tests is carried out and the item is thoroughly treated. This process involves metal polishing to ensure the plated finish will be as smooth as possible and provide the longest lasting finish.
  • Stage 4
    In this stage, the item is placed in a number of tanks filled with different solutions for pre-treatment.
  • Stage 5
    The item is then placed in a series of tanks that are filled with an electrolyte solution. With the use of carefully controlled electrical currents in each tank, the plating starts to attach to the surface of the item. The thickness of the electroplating is determined by the length of time the item is left in each tank.

Black Chrome Plating

Black chrome plating provides a very attractive finish to automotive and other parts. Ultrachrome is the only company in Australia who offers black chrome electroplating.

Alloy Chrome Plating

For specific applications, chrome alloy plating is available

Gold Plating

Ultrachrome provides the highest standard of gold plating, for decorative purposes, as well as functional. We offer high purity hard gold plating, using 22 carat gold with a cobalt nickel alloy.

Silver Plating

Our silver plating is of the highest quality available. Using 99.99% pure silver, we employ a triple plating process that actually uses three times the amount of silver to provide the best finish.

Copper Plating

Copper plays a major part in electroplating by providing a strong underlying coat for other metal plates. It can also be used to repair pitted or damaged surfaces to create a new surface for the final metal finish.

It is sometimes used as an exterior finish for antique and ornamental items, or in some industrial applications as a sacrificial surface coating to protect the inner metal layer.

Nickel Plating

We offer bright nickel and nickel sulphamate (duplex nickel) plating. Nickel plays an important role by providing an under layer for chrome, gold, silver and other metal plated finishes and for certain applications, nickel is used as an external layer.

Brass Plating

We provide brass plating for ornamental purposes and for parts that require rubber adhesion.

Antique Finish Plating

We offer antique finish electroplating in a range of different metals.

Bright Anodising

Bright anodising is a process used to treat aluminium. Used mainly to prevent corrosion or for aesthetic purposes, this process causes the aluminium surface to oxidise, after which a clear coat is added. This coat is then embedded into the oxidised surface to form a protective layer.

Electro Polishing

The reverse of electroplating, electro polishing is used to electrochemically remove surface flaws and embedded impurities, to smooth, brighten or level a metal surface. Electro polishing can work very successfully on items of a complex shape.

Bumper and Grille Repairs

If required, we can perform repairs on bumpers and grilles prior to electroplating them.

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